Product Suites

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Sweet Benefits

IES offers three bundled product options with these advantages.

  • A 15-25% discount
  • One license key to activate
  • One annual payment for all products
  • Leverage product integrations

Excellent Value for You 

TS IES Total Suite

Every IES product, including both suites below.  You also get ConcreteBending, ConcreteSection, and VisualPlate. If we add a new product, and your license is active, you get that too.

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BS IES Building Suite

Our most popular and versatile products for the analysis and design of buildings and other structures.

QS IES Quick Suite

Practical, economical, and specific tools for detailed design of concrete and masonry components. Reports like hand calculations.

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Product Integration

IES products play nicely with Windows and can export graphics to the clipboard, or text reports to various file formats like PDF, text, or Excel. They can also work together in the following ways.

VA VisualAnalysis

SB ShapeBuilder

  • Imports/Exports shape geometry with CAD, STEP/IGES, Text
  • Exports custom shapes as member elements in VisualAnalysis
  • Customize the IES shape database

VF VisualFoundation

  • Imports/Exports model geometry with CAD
  • Exports column loads to VAConnect, for steel base plate design
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