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Steel and wood connections with base plates and anchorage

Your job will be much easier with VAConnect helping you design steel and wood connections. Run this tool alone or with imported loads and members from VisualAnalysis, VisualFoundation or ConcreteBending. Download the free trial in two minutes and solve your next problem on us.

Get Verifiable Connection Designs

Steel Connections

Design per specifications: AISC 360-16, ACI 318-15.
  • Column Base Plate w/Anchorage
  • Column Splice
  • Beam Shear Tab
  • Beam Shear Double Angle Bolted
  • Beam Moment Bolted or Welded Flange Plate
  • Beam Moment Bolted End Plate
  • Beam over HSS Column
Base Plate
End Plate

Wood Connections

Wood bolted shear connection and wood fastener withdrawal connection. Design checks per NDS 2018.
  • Includes adjustment factors
  • Fastener groups and tear-out
  • Handles lag screws, wood screws and nails
  • Fastener head pull-through
Wood Shear
Wood Fastener Withdrawal

Shear Connections

Design shear connectionsfor beam-to-column or beam-to-girder with I-beam or channel members.
  • Eccentric bolts check (ICR method)
  • Interaction of shear and axial forces
  • Support by column or girder
  • Coped beam checks for yield, buckling, and rupture
connection model
loads on connection

Moment Connections

Design bolted or welded flange plate beam connections of I-Beam or channel members. Also does bolted end plate connections.
  • Beam moment connection
  • Options for weld types
  • Beams: I-beam or channels
  • Support by column or girder
  • Yield line theory from AISC Design Guide 4  
status view
load combinations

Base Plates & Anchorage

AISC Design Guide 1 or finite element analysis with biaxial bending. Concrete and anchorage checks.
  • Checks per AISC 360-16 and ACI 318-14
  • Column: I-beam, HSS, pipe, rectangular or round
  • Plate bending and bolt or anchor checks
  • Concrete bearing checks
  • Specify reinforcing to prevent breakout
base plate loads
anchorage blowout

Integrated with VA VF CB

Eliminate tedium and error-prone bookkeeping by importing load sets from VisualAnalysis, VisualFoundation, or ConcreteBending.
  • All limit states checked
  • Design multiple connections as one group  
  • Detail checks (e.g. spacing, fit...)
  • Integrated with VisualAnalysis with automated demand bookkeeping
  • Integrated base plates for VF or CB
project status
design from VisualAnalysis

Transparent Reports TM

Get hand-calculation type reports showing limit states with equations and code references.  All limit state checks are shown.
  • Instant status (pass/fail)
  • Drill-down to intermediate values
  • One-page summary report
  • Customize report details
equations in report
blowout calculations

Simplified Input

Point and click editing of models. Visualize your changes with clear graphics. Flexible units and expression input with built-in error checking.
  • Shape/material database
  • Easy shape, bolt, weld data
  • Built-in load combinations
  • Envelope multiple connections in your structure
load combinations

VAConnect Specifications

See the online User's Guide for complete information regarding the limit-states checked. Included there are quick-start training videos to get you up and running.

Building Codes & Material Specifications

  • Steel checks per AISC 360-16 LRFD 
  • Bolted end plate per AISC Steel Construction Manual part 12
  • Base plate per AISC Design Guide 1 (or automated Finite Element Analysis)
  • Bolted end plate per AISC Design Guide 4
  • Concrete and anchorage checks per ACI 318-14
  • Wood checks per NDS 2018
  • Load combinations per IBC, ASCE 7, NBC, or customizable

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One Page Summary
Base plate summary report

Custom with Equations
Base plate summary report

Custom, Sketches & Tables
Base plate summary report

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Steel base plate graphic
Steel base plate graphic
Steel base plate graphic

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