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Four independent tools for concrete and masonry design. These utilities are small, surprisingly powerful, and extremely fast. They share a number of common benefits for checking existing structures or designing new ones.

These products are bundled in one installer for convenience. Use them alone or get the suite at a discounted price.

QuickRWall Logo QuickRWall: Retaining or Basement Walls QuickRWall Logo QuickFooting: Spread Footings
QuickRWall Logo QuickMasonry: Masonry Components QuickRWall Logo QuickConcreteWall: Shear Walls

Specify Your Criteria

Each product lets you specify your design specification, load combinations, and clarify the assumptions you are making in your design.

Clear, Organized Input

As you work through your project, there are many pieces of data to enter. Quick products keep you organized and have built-in help, flexible units and error checking.

Building Code Support

  • Concrete: ACI 318-14
  • Masonry: MSJC 2013, MSJC 2011, MSJC-08
  • IBC, ASCE 7 Load Combinations (customizable)
  • QCW: ACI Ch. 21 SBE
  • QM: TMS 402-2016
  • QRW, QF: Canadian CSA A23.3-04

Load Combinations

Create multiple "load sets". Apply all kinds of loads in all typical service cases (D, L, W, etc.). Combinations per ASCE, IBC are automatic. Customizable load combination system.

Instant Status

As you work, the software updates all the checks and lets you know at a glance what is working and what is not. Drill down to see detailed calculations or graphs.

Transparent ReportingTM

Your reports will contain intermediate values, equations with symbols and your actual values. Everything needed for checking your work is spelled out, just like you would do it by hand.

QuickRWall Logo QuickRWall

Design or check stepped or tapered walls

Retaining Wall Design

  • Analyze cantilevered retaining walls
  • Design gravity and tapered walls
  • Multiple stem thicknesses
  • Check masonry or concrete wall sections
  • Handle propped cantilevers/basement walls

QuickMasonry Logo QuickMasonry

Manage your masonry building in one project

Masonry Component Design

Design checks per TMS 402 (2002-2016), see also the common specifications above. Version 6.0 released in August 2021, video above is version 5.0. Prescriptive bar size and spacing limits for seismic classifications. Secondary moment effects. 

  • Beam & Lintels (with deep beam provisions)
  • Walls (unified: bearing, wind, and shear loading)
  • Pilasters
  • Columns

QuickFooting Logo QuickFooting

Solve eccentric or property-line footings fast

Concrete Spread Footing Design

  • Will check several footings all at once (for worst case)
  • Automatic sizing and detailing (optional)
  • Advanced handling of biaxial loading
  • Offset pedestal from footing center
  • Checks footing, pedestal, and interface
  • Stability checks: Bearing pressure (net & gross), overturning, sliding, and uplift
  • Complete units flexibility
  • Accurate calculation of bearing pressure under biaxial loading

QuickConcreteWall Logo QuickConcreteWall

Design Seismic Walls with Integration Diagrams

Concrete Shear Wall Design

  • A rectangular wall, or wall with columns at the ends
  • Reinforcement: specify horizontal & vertical bars, column longitudinal bars
  • Single-curtain or double-curtain reinforcement
  • Multiple (independent) walls may be designed in a single project file
  • Specify extents of special boundary elements (seismic provisions)
  • Specify manner in which horizontal wall bars are embedded
  • Optional: crossties on every column longitudinal bar
  • Optional: column longitudinal bars use a tangential lap splice
  • Enter the design displacement for seismic design
  • European (metric) rebar sizes included

What will YOU do with the Quick Suite?

The best way to understand why these tools are fantastic is to solve a typical project yourself!

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