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Flexural design of concrete beams, slabs, and walls

Design Elevated Slabs and Environmental Walls

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ConcreteBending helps you model concrete bending problems using high-level components and engineering terminology. The tool automatically constructs an accurate Finite Element Model.

Concrete Flexure

Model slab, beam, or wall bending problems quickly.
  • Complex perimeters
  • Multiple slab thicknesses
  • Holes in the slab
  • Beams or column supports

Rapid Loading

Apply point, line, or area loads easily.
  • Organize loads by service cases
  • Automated building code combinations
  • Copy and paste abilities

FEA Power

Automatic finite element meshing and analysis.
  • Graphical views of results
  • Statics checking
  • Error prevention logic
  • Command-line and scripting support

Smart Design

ACI 318, CSA A23.3 and ACI 350 specifications.
  • You stay in control of design
  • Specify your rebar patterns
  • Program can choose rebar

Punching Shear

Punching boundaries around columns or walls are determined for you.
  • d/2 distance from face
  • Overlapped boundaries checked
  • Override punching boundary

Beam Checks

All beam limit states are checked. Rebar and details are provided.
  • Shear, moment and torsion checks
  • Rebar patterns shown graphically
  • Intermediate values reported
curved floor slabs

ConcreteBending Specifications

Detailed benefits and capabilities. Please see the User's Guide for complete details and training videos.


  • IBC, ASCE 7, or NBC load combinations (customizable)
  • ACI 318-19 or 14; ACI 350-20 or 06
  • CSA A23.3-19, A23.3-14


  • Elevated slab analysis and design
  • Slab & beam systems
  • Environmental tank walls
  • Complex boundaries, including circular and polygonal templates
  • Generate copies of modeling elements using rectangular or circular patterns
  • Multiple slab thicknesses
  • Holes in concrete
  • Wall or beam supports
  • Point supports or loads (w/punching shear)
  • Automatic FEA mesh generation
  • Sophisticated thick-plate finite element formulation
  • Import & Export DXF files
  • Command-line with scripting programmability


  • Customizable load combinations
  • Streamlined seismic load combinations
  • Uniform or linear area loads, rectangular or circular
  • Circular and rectangular "ring" loads
  • Overturning loads
  • Column loads, axial and moments
  • Linear beam loads
  • Wall loads, axial and moments


  • Slab shear plotted and checked
  • Slab punching shear checks
  • Column and column-group punching shear checks
  • Wall punching shear design checks
  • Beams are checked for shear, moment, and torsion
  • Single or double layer of slab reinforcement
  • Size each layer of slab steel
  • Reinforcing bar patterns
  • Beam checks and reinforcement
  • Override for minimum reinforcement
  • Export to VisualAnalysis for more complicated tasks


  • Post-analysis statics check reports
  • Full-color reporting for a professional look and easy reading
  • Slab and beam moment and shear diagrams
  • Preview the report before printing
  • Customize what items are included in the report
  • Easy export to .xls, .docx, or .pdf file
  • Print one-page graphic summaries

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