IES products run on Windows. Please download them on your PC.

If you are running Windows, maximize your browser window to see the download links.

Download and Install

For maximum efficiency, use the free IES Updater to install IES products. Setups work for licensed or free-trials, licensing is handled within the product. Get immediate help for any download or setup error. See also the end-user license agreement.

Product Released Build Notes Setup File
General frame, truss, and FEA with Design VisualAnalysis 21.0

Wait, are you a college student?
January 31, 2023 setup-va21.exe
Geometric and structural section properties calculator ShapeBuilder 13.0 January 31, 2023 setup-sb13.exe
Mat and combined foundations or pile cap design VisualFoundation 12.0 New! March 2, 2023 setup-vf12.exe
Concrete floor slab design ConcreteBending 6.0 November 4, 2021 setup-cb6.exe
Reinforced concrete section capacity ConcreteSection 3.0 June 1, 2022 setup-cs3.exe
Four independent quick products for concrete and masonry design QuickSuite 5.0/6.0, 32-bit  (installs four tools: QRW 5, QF 5, QM 6, QCW 5) October 4, 2021 setup-quicksuite56.exe
Steel base plate and connections VAConnect 6.0 New! March 1, 2023 setup-vx6.exe
Analysis of plate bending problems in any material VisualPlate 6.0 April 20, 2022 setup-vp6.exe

Supplementary Downloads

Free Utility Program Build Notes Setup File
IES Updater IES Updater 4.00 New!
Free utility to manage installation of all your IES products. Checks for updates and upgrades, displays release-notes, with support information.
VA VARevitLink 21.0
First preview. Free add-in for Autodesk Revit 2020-2022, works with VisualAnalysis 21.0 project files.
VARevitLink VARevitLink 20.0
Free add-in for Autodesk Revit 2019-2021 for BIM with VisualAnalysis 20.0+ projects. Two-way operation: export a model from Revit, analyze & design in VisualAnalysis, then import design changes back into Revit.
VA-Revit Link VARevitLink 19.0
Old product version for Revit 2018-2020 and VisualAnalysis 19.0+.
19.00.0010 setup-varevit19.exe
LoadHelper LoadHelper 2.0
Free utility to define loading requirements per ASCE 7-16 for dead, live, wind and seismic sources.
ManageIT ManageIT
Simplifies management of network licenses.

Beta Test

Customer Preview Product Comments Download File
VA VisualAnalysis 22.0 Beta #1
Upgraded version, first customer preview. Includes updated specifications, support for VX 6.0, and other improvements. See Upgrade Guide in Help for details. Free for everyone to try.
Beta Test
Expires June 25, 2023

Software and Hardware Requirements

  • 64-bit version of Windows 8+, on an Intel or AMD chip.
  • Windows 7 might work, but is not supported.
  • Internet (free trial, license checks, documentation, updates, etc.)
  • 4+GB RAM (memory)
  • 1+GB hard drive space
  • 3-button wheel mouse (wheel 'button' configured as a 'middle click')
  • Not supported: Apple OS (ARM) or Android OS.
Windows 11 Compatible
Windows 10
Windows 8

Legacy Products

Old product-version installers are available to licensed customers for up to four years after a new version is released. New product versions will generally read old project files, so there is little need to go backward. See the FAQ regarding licensing issues.

Please contact sales, with your full contact information, if you need access to an old setup file.

Supported Versions

  • VisualAnalysis 19.0+
  • ShapeBuilder 10.0+
  • VisualFoundation 10.0+
  • VAConnect 4.0+
  • VisualPlate 5.0+
  • ConcreteBending 5.0+