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Easy plate bending analysis for all materials

Get Simplified FEA for Flexural Modeling

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Why use VisualPlate? While less sophisticated than VisualAnalysis, it is far more economical and faster for defining models. It is also more versatile than the specialized ConcreteBending product. This tool is analysis only, no design checks are included.

Plate Bending

Solve plate bending problems for any geometry of flat plate, with various supports or holes.


Any Material

Works with any linear-elastic material, metal, concrete, or whatever you need to bend.


Advanced Analysis

Automatic FEA meshing, thick-plate element formulation, and the power of the VisualAnalysis 'engine'.


Clear Results

Graphical and textual reports of deflections, reactions, moments, and shears. View von Mises stress criteria.


VisualPlate Specifications

See the User's Guide for more complete details and short training videos.


  • Plate bending analysis (any material)
  • Complex geometries
  • Multiple plate thicknesses
  • Holes of any shape
  • Stiffeners or beams
  • Elastic spring supports along a line
  • Unlimited model size
  • Customizable 'architectural' grid lines
  • Flexible edge and point supports
  • Import & export DXF files
  • Export FEA model to VisualAnalysis for more advanced work


  • Optional IBC and ASCE 7 load combinations included
  • Customizable load combinations
  • Custom service load cases
  • Plate self-weight may be included
  • Uniform or linear area loads, rectangular or circular
  • Rotate area loads in-the-plane
  • Ring loads (rectangular or circular)
  • Column loads, axial and moments
  • Linear loads


  • Automated FEA meshing, customizable
  • Sophisticated thick-plate finite element formulation
  • Deflections plotted
  • Moment, shear values plotted
  • Moment diagrams along a line through plate


  • Full-color reporting for a professional look and easy reading
  • Filter reports by load case
  • Export numerical table to .xls, .pdf, or .html format
  • Preview the report before printing
  • Customize what items are included in the report
  • Print one-page graphic summaries

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