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Free utility for managing ASCE 7 loads.

Tame the Complexities of ASCE 7

Application of ASCE 7 loading requirements can be complex. Simplify your work with this practical utility that runs independently or helps you work inside VisualAnalysis.

(VisualAnalysis makes it easy build models, apply loads, analyze, and perform code-checks.)

Simplify Code-Specified Loading

Yes, It is Free!

LoadHelper runs as a free utility to create named loads for your structural projects. You do not need a VisualAnalysis license to use LoadHelper. Your work can be saved as a report to use in whatever structural software you use for analysis and design. Dead and Live loads may be exported to someone else who does use VisualAnalysis.

What Will LoadHelper Do For You?

Dead & Live Loads

  • Assemble material components
  • Create named, reusable loads
  • Use these in multiple projects
  • Share loads with others on your team

Wind Loads

  • Follows ASCE 7 Chapter 27
  • Organized project input
  • Main wind force resisting system
  • Directional procedure, all heights
  • Calculates wind pressures

Seismic Loads

  • Follows ASCE 7 chapters 11 & 12
  • Organized project criteria
  • Lookup site-specific parameters from latitude and longitude
  • Find design category, spectral response
  • Find base shear, force distribution

Integrates with VisualAnalysis

Dead and live loads are saved for direct access inside VisualAnalysis when applying member loads. Seismic load criteria may be calculated directly inside VisualAnalysis. Wind loads may be applied to elements based on your LoadHelper report.

Free and Easy to Use

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