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August 2019: VisualAnalysis 19 Release

Composite beam VisualAnalysis 19.0 offers major new benefits to improve your productivity and keep you current with the latest design specifications. We improved performance, listened to customer feedback with fixes and minor enhancements too! See the upgrade guide in the Help for all the changes.

Upgrade Now!

This release is free to any customer with an active license as of August 2, 2019. You may uninstall any old version and start using the new one. Find it in downloads or use your IES Updater.

If your license expired, check the self-service portal for upgrade options, or contact sales.

July 2019: VisualAnalysis 19 Beta

VA 19.0 is now available for beta-testing for existing licensed customers. Big changes include:

  • Canadian CSA A23.3 concrete design
  • ACI 350 for concrete tanks
  • Better steel composite beam design
  • Updated CFS with AISI 2018
  • Improved report extreme filtering
  • Much more...

June 2019: Classroom Training

IES recently hosted 1-day training classes for VisualAnalysis and the finite element method. Classes were held in Boston and NYC/NJ area. Customers received personalized assistance, learned tips and tricks, and earned 8 hours of professional development time. If you would like training in your area, please contact our office to let us know.

May 2019: VAConnect 4.0

IES published an upgrade for VAConnect to version 4.0. The new version adds a moment connection, a single program with a new start screen and simplified UI. It is free if you have an active license as of April 29, 2019.

Feature Friday Emails

May 2019: ManageIT 1.00.0008

There is a minor upgrade available for this utility for managing network licenses. The new version has updated products, web site links, as well as a cleaner UI. Download it from the supplementary downloads table.

March 2019: IES Updater 3.0

IES released an improved IES Updater, it is no longer installed with any IES tools, so if you wish to use it, download it from the supplementary downloads table. This new version is faster and more flexible than the old version.

February 2019: SB 11.0

IES published an upgrade for ShapeBuilder to version 11.0. The new version adds a number of new features including the ability to calculate shear flow at any location on the cross section. It also allows you to sketch arbitrary polygon shapes graphically.

SB Feature Friday Emails

January 2019

IES has published a new web site layout! The new site helps engineers quickly learn about our products and try them. It provides easy access to sales and support information for customers. The new quick order form makes it far easier to get pricing and licensing options.

IES founding partner Dan Van Luchene PhD, PE, SE retired at the end of 2018. After nearly 25 years with IES creating products and supporting customers, he has earned some leisure time.

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