Students Learn from VisualAnalysis

Thousands of students have learned from VisualAnalysis, since 1994. Many have gone on to become practicing engineers who use this and other commercial products like it.


Model simple beams, indeterminate beams, trusses, 2D frames. Check statics problems. Compare behavior of two frames side by side. Move on to advanced FEA with elastic supports, plate/shell elements, and cables.



Easily apply loads to nodes, members, or plates. Model settlements. Visualize the loads graphically along with their effects on structural behavior. Includes typical building code combinations like IBC and ASCE 7. Include or ignore self-weight.



Fast linear elastic, P-delta, AISC Direct, and dynamic (modes, response spectrum, time history) analysis. View displaced shape, reaction forces, moment and shear diagrams.


Design Preview

Get a taste of the power of commercial-design products with AISC, LRFD steel-design checks on the members in your model. Learn about bracing. Check your design hand calculations.



Flexible output with filters, sorting, and preview. Copy graphics into reports. Print or export reports to text or .xlsx format.



We keep it "lean" so you learn it quickly. A user's guide and free training videos will help you master the tool in no time.


VisualAnalysis Edu Features

Itemized features and limitations of the educational product as compared to the commercial version.

VisualAnalysis Features Educational Commercial
License Cost Free for qualified students and educators in USA/Canada Short free trial, ~$4500 license
License Limitations For educational use only Consulting, Professional
Size Limits < 2000 members
< 15,000 plates
< 15,000 nodes
< 40 load combinations
2D & 3D Frames & Trusses & Tanks & Buildings & Bridges + +
Beams & Columns + +
Sketch Graphically and Copy & Paste Models + +
Result Graphics and Reports + +
Tapered Members,
Offset Members
+ +
Elastic Spring Supports + +
Plate/Shell Elements + +
Parametric Model Generation + +
Member 'Format Painter' + +
Mirror Copy - +
Smart Renaming - +
Nodal, Member, Plate Loads + +
Area Loads on Members
(tributary areas, independent from member elements)
- +
Static Analysis (1st order) + +
P-delta, AISC Direct Analysis + +
Dynamic Mode Shape Analysis + +
Dynamic Response Spectrum Analysis + +
Animated Results + +
Design Checks
AISC Steel +
Limited to LRFD checks
NDS Wood, ACI Concrete, ADM Aluminum, AISI Cold-Form - +
Member Optimization - +
Advanced / Nonlinear Features
Automatic Plate Meshing + +
Rigid-Link Members + +
Scissor Joints + +
Custom 'Blob' Shapes + +
Catenary Cable Elements + +
Semi-Rigid Member Connections + +
Time History Analysis + +
Dynamic Forcing Function
(e.g. machinery vibration)
+ +
Moving Loads (truck & lane) + +
Envelope Result Cases (Graphical) + +
Result Superposition Combinations + +