Student Support

Please contact your instructor for assistance, and make use of the built-in help (F1), which includes over 40 short training videos. Technical support is not provided to students by IES.

Faculty Support is below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade from a prior version?

Please uninstall the prior version from the Control Panel, then download the new version and install it. You may re-register to get the download link email. If you have the link from 2022 (VA Edu 21.0), it is still correct.

How can I model a plane frame or truss?

Set the structure type to plane frame in the project settings. To model truss members use member end-releases or the simple-simple connection type to prevent moment-transfer at each end.

For a 'pure', academic truss, disable self-weight in the "D" service load case, and also avoid applying member loads directly.

I cannot download with my gmail address?

We require an educational email address for access to our product. You cannot use a .com or .net email address. Most schools in the USA offer a .edu or similar email domain extension.

Does the educational product expire?

Yes, the current product version will expire within a year or so.  IES will offer a new version to download well before that happens. Simply download and install the latest version to update. It is OK to re-register to get the download link again.

Does my student license expire?

You will need to refresh your registration every several months, which is quick and easy.

Your ability to run the student version will expire after a few years. If you go on to graduate school, or if you are a faculty or staff member, please contact us using the support email below so we can verify your status and update our system.

Setup fails. Now what?

Installation help may be found here: Install Issues

How do I get a license?

VisualAnalysis Edu uses the Internet and your educational email for licensing. We have simplified the registration process, simply download and install. After running, select your school and enter your name and email, and click Register. You should only have to register once every several months.

Cannot Register? (Disabled button)

Your machine may have an old or obsolete license data file that is preventing you from registering. Delete this old file 'VisualAnalysisEdu.ok':
Note: The AppData folder is HIDDEN, so in Windows Explorer, use View | Show hidden items.

I need feature XY or Z. How can I get that?

The educational version has essential features for teaching and learning structural analysis. If you feel like you need additional features, you may purchase a commercial license.

What about International Schools or High Schools?

The free educational version is only available to schools in the USA or Canada that have civil/structural related programs. We do not provide free software to schools operating internationally, nor to high schools.  You may be able to purchase the commercial product with an educational discount, please contact Sales.

How can I learn VisualAnalysis?

VisualAnalysis is completely documented and the F1 Help includes many free training videos covering basic operations.

What if I get a new machine?

You may download and re-register the software on a new machine. If you run out of machine activations, you will need to contact for assistance.

Will VisualAnalysis Edu Work Offline

No. An Internet connection is required for validating the license every time you run the product.

Can I use my student license in a school lab?

You should use your license only on your personal machine(s). You will run out of 'activations' if you try to use it at school. Schools can (and should) install their own license on campus machines. If they have not, talk to your instructors.

Faculty Support

Professors, instructors, and school IT staff may email for assistance. Please include a project file, pictures, or PDF document as necessary to demonstrate or explain any issue.

Are you registered with IES?

To set up a student lab or university machines you must be registered in our system. Check your status now.

Setting Up a Student Lab

VisualAnalysis Edu should work fine in your student lab. Because each lab has different setup methods or IT approach, we have tried to make a generic solution that should work for everybody.

To set up the license so that any person using the machine can use the software, you must manually copy the license file from your AppData folder to the ProgramData folder so that all login users have access.

Licensing Instructions

  • Install the product on each machine (or your master image), but do not run it.
  • Run VisualAnalysis as an administrator
    (right-click on the icon and use Run As Administrator)
  • Register with your faculty email address.
  • If VisualAnalysis asks for an unlock code, see below
  • There should be a license file created in both locations (use View|Hidden items in File Explorer):
  • You may manually copy the license file to the C:\ProgramData\IES\License folder on any school machine to skip having to register each machine. This will license any logged-in user on that machine.

VisualAnalysis Asks for an Unlock Code

Before running VisualAnalysis, faculty members must first be registered as such with IES. Check your status now.

If you are asked for an unlock code, it is due to a partial student license file sitting on your machine. Follow the troubleshooting (step 2 below) to delete the incorrect license file.

Troubleshooting Setup

If install or licensing is not working, then the quickest likely solution is probably this:

  1. Uninstall old versions of VisualAnalysis, reboot your machine
  2. Remove old license files (use View|Hidden items in File Explorer):
  3. Download and Install the latest setup file 
  4. Verify your educational status
  5. Run VisualAnalysis and enter your school, name, email

If these do not work, please tell us exactly when things go wrong, what messages you get (you can email a screen capture) and we can help diagnose the issue. The software does need to connect to the Internet to validate the license on each run.

Students and Lab Machines

Students who use the lab machines should be able to just "run", they should not try to register with their own email. Student access is limited to a couple of 'personal' computers. Students may download and use their own login-email when using their own personal machines.