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Free BIM utility for design with VisualAnalysis

Full-Circle Design Integration

Work Seamlessly with Other Professionals

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows you to easily manage the structural design process from architectural drawings and then to communicate your design work and resulting changes back to the rest of the team using VisualAnalysis.

VisualAnalysis makes it easy to apply your loads, run advanced finite element analysis, and perform code-checks on the structural components.

VARevitLink runs as a free add-in utility within current versions of Autodesk Revit®. You do not need a VisualAnalysis license or to have it installed to use the VARevitLink, you may exchange the .vap project files with someone else who uses VisualAnalysis.

Export to VisualAnalysis

Quickly get your Revit Analytical Model to a VisualAnalysis project file. You choose what items to export and define default shapes and materials.

Import to Revit

Once you have completed your design in VisualAnalysis, you save your project and use VARevitLink to import the design shapes and materials back into the Revit project. You may also start a new Revit project this way.

Free and Easy to Use

RevitLink Add-in

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