IES FAQ Answers
VisualAnalysis Levels

Changing Feature-Level

VisualAnalysis comes in four feature-levels.  You may change to a higher level at any time after your initial purchase.

Please purchase the "change level" product rather than a new license at the higher level! If you have a subscription license, you must simply purchase a new subscription at the appropriate level, and you can disable the payment plan and let it expire.

You will get a new license ID. To use it, deactivate your existing license and then activate the new license.

Simple Analysis 2D Design Full Design Advanced
3D static and dynamic analysis only. Basic static analysis and design of beams, columns, plane frames and trusses (i.e. two-dimensional models). Steel and wood specification design checks included. 3D models with static and dynamic analysis, plus design checks for steel, wood, concrete, cold-formed, and aluminum materials. Adds, automatic plate meshing, rigid links, time history, moving loads, cable elements, and more...

This is Not Maintenance

A level-change is not normal maintenance, even though it appears in the Renewals and Upgrades section of the shopping system. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact sales before making this purchase.