IES FAQ Answers
Activation and Deactivation

What is Activation?

Activation validates and then installs a license or subscription onto your system. You need a license ID and either your customer password or the product-specific activation password. These are found in the Customer Portal. Activations and deactivations are limited. Activation itself is handled within the software product, not at the portal.

Activation is a one time operation. After that you either simply use the license, or connect to it (network licenses). If your license is renewed or updated in some way you can refresh it within the product or it will do so automatically within a few days or several runs of the product.

Web Connectivity Errors

If you get an error about "no Internet" or "cannot connect", please see License Problems for troubleshooting information.

Activate an IES Product

  1. Download and install your IES product
  2. Visit the Customer Portal to update the licensee name
    and to get the license ID and password
  3. Run the product (on any machine)
  4. Activate with the license ID and password (not your customer ID)


To deactivate, run your product, go to the Home | License, or Help | License command and click the Deactivate button. This will free up your license to use on a different machine. Please note that deactivations are limited. If you are out of deactivations, please contact IES sales.

If your license has expired you cannot deactivate it within the product because there would be no way to reactivate it.  If you really want to deactivate an expired product you can do so in the Self Service portal, and you can manually delete the license file from your machine or share folder.

For network installations only an administrator should deactivate the license, as it removes the license for everybody.

Changing Machines or Moving Licenses

If you wish to move your license to a different machine, you must first deactivate the license, then reactivate it in the new location. This feature is not intended for license sharing. Licenses are allowed a limited number of deactivations. If you run out of deactivations, please contact IES sales.


Uninstalling an IES product (or all of them) will not affect the licensing. You should deactivate the license if you are changing machines.