IES FAQ Answers
Upgrade Expired License

About Upgrades

When you purchase a product license you get the current version.  As long as you pay maintenance, you are entitled to the latest version we produce. If you let your license expire, and later decide to get the new version you must pay a larger upgrade fee to reinstate your license.  This fee is 3x annual maintenance. You have a 2-year window to renew an expired license.

Upgrades do not apply to subscription licenses, which are either renewed or repurchased later at the future rate.

Purchase an Upgrade

Upgrades are under the Renewals & Upgrades section of the self-service portal. If you do not see an upgrade you expect, your licenses may be too old. You may contact sales and we'll get you estimates or invoices for what you need.

Level changes for VIsualAnalysis may also be purchased here.