IES FAQ Answers
About Customer Portal

How to Log In

If you have purchased an IES product, you have a customer ID and password to the Customer Portal.

You may log in with the email address of the contact person. If you don't have any of this, please contact sales with your company details and we'll look you up and get you going.

Your account can only be accessed via one login (password) at this time.

Your Login Password

You should keep your password secure. Each company has a single company-wide password that is used for login and may also activate any product.  A manager may distribute separate activation passwords for each license.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your login password, use the 'Forgot Password' link at the self-service portal. The password or a reset link will be emailed to the contact email address.

View Products

The self service portal shows you a list of all your products, under Licenses & Activations, along with their license ID, expiration date and installation and activation history. Click on a specific license to view or manage it.

Activation Passwords

If you don't want to share the company-wide password with all employees, you may distribute product-specific activation passwords instead. These are shown under the Licenses & Activations, for each license separately. Click on the license ID number to find it.

View Activations

To see where a license has been activated, click the Manage Installations button on the License Details page. Licenses are identified by an (ugly) Installation ID, or the machine name.

Manually Deactivate a License

Typically, you will deactivate a license on the machine where it is activated from within the IES software product. If you had a license installed on a machine that is dead, lost or stolen, etc., you may manually deactivate that installation in the portal. Find the license under Licenses & Activations, and click to see the details and use the Manage Installations button.

View Past Invoices

Look under Payment History to find sales receipts for past charges or purchases. To see when your next automatic charges are coming look under Recurring Payments.

This applies only to purchases made through the portal. If you purchase offline or over the phone, your invoices or receipt will be emailed separately.