IES FAQ Answers
Maintenance Payments

Automatic Plan

If you have an automatic payment plan in place, it will renew automatically on the correct date. You currently cannot force it to pay early; however, our office can change the process date as long as it is prior to expiration. Please update your credit card before the processing date.

If you have a payment plan, please do not attempt to manually pay maintenance.  Call us to discuss your needs.

Manual Maintenance Payment

If you do not have an automatic plan, we will send you an invoice via email with instructions for paying. You will receive a notice before this needs to take place. You may be able to pay a maintenance payment in the self service portal.

Expired Maintenance

If your licenses expiration date is in the past (click on the License ID in the portal to verify the expiration date), your maintenance has expired. To upgrade an expired license, you may find an option under "Renewals and Upgrades", but if not, you must contact sales to discuss options and the required payment amount.

Disabled Payment Plan

You can disable an automatic payment plan in the self service portal, but you cannot re-enable it. We must do that for you. You are then responsible for renewing your licenses.

Invoice Customers

If you are an invoice customer, we will email you an invoice with instructions for paying it. You will receive this invoice at least 30 days prior to your software expiration or renewal date. Please contact sales with questions or issues.