IES FAQ Answers
Payment Plans

Automatic Payment Plans

When you purchase online you get an automatic payment plan set up to charge the annual maintenance fee or subscription renewal automatically.  If you purchase a subscription license your contact-person will receive emails regarding pending payments or expired credit cards. You may cancel this in the self-service portal. Please contact sales before attempting to manually pay your maintenance in the portal.

If you do not have a payment plan, we will email you with options for renewal.

Update your Credit Card

You may change your online payment method for future payment plans by going to Recurring Payments, click the small edit button to the right of the payment plan information. Enter a new credit card.

Disable a Payment Plan

Annual maintenance can be automatic through a payment plan. This is set up for you when you purchase online with a credit card. You may disable this maintenance plan, but then it will be up to you to renew before the expiration date. To disable a payment plan for maintenance, find it under Recurring Payments. If a payment plan is disabled, you will need to contact sales to re-enable it.

Please contact sales if you need invoice billing or to enable a payment plan.