IES FAQ Answers
Legacy Products

Dead Product-Versions

We do not support any products or licenses issued prior to 2014. Dead product-versions may continue to work for you, but we do not support them in any way. You may archive setup programs and licensing information, which may allow you to use older versions.

Support for a specific product-version, ends four years after a new major version of that product is released. For example, if version 2.0 is released today, version 1.0 is dead four years from today. We do this to minimize your liability and problems, to help insure safety, and to focus our resources on supporting active customers.

Check Your Status

Log in to the Customer Portal to view your licenses, verify maintenance status and upgrade options. If you need a legacy version installer for some reason, you may request information and download link by contacting sales, via email with the desired product and version.

Active Licenses

With active (non-expired) licenses you may use the latest download version. Most product-versions are backward compatible for opening files from the previous versions.

Expired Maintenance

If your maintenance has expired, there is no way to activate an expired license. (If licensed products are already installed and activated, they will continue to run after your expiration date.)

Expired Subscription

Subscription licenses have a hard expiration date. Once expired, subscription products stop running immediately.