VisualAnalysis Classroom Training

One day of VisualAnalysis training beyond the basics. Limited class size with personal assistance during breaks or after class. Other IES tools may also be covered, if there is interest.

Terry teaching customers in Bozeman, January 2017

Topics may include advanced members, plate meshing, nonlinear modeling, load combinations, area loading, ASCE 7 wind loading, P-Delta and AISC direct analysis, dynamic analysis, performance concerns, result validation, reporting, BIM capabilities, and more. Content will be customized for actual attendees.


Cost is $400 per person. Receive a PDH certificate of attendance. For new customers, training cost may be applied toward a new license purchase of VisualAnalysis, or 10% off a new subscription purchase.

Pre-Register Today!

Contact IES sales with your name, company name, email and phone number and tell us which class you might like to attend. There is no cost or obligation to preregister.

Where and When?

Other Locations?

If you do not see a location that is convenient, you may bring IES to your company or city by gathering at least 7 participants.

Self-Directed Training

Free Recorded Videos

We have recorded training videos covering in-depth topics that you can watch on your own time, picking and choosing. Most videos are very short demonstrations of specific features or concepts.

Training Questions

If you have questions after reading Help and watching videos, you may direct those to our technical support email. We often update the product, documentation, or training based on your questions.

YouTube Channel

Videos are hosted at our channel at, which you can browse or search.

Not all products have training videos. If you would like to suggest training topics, please send an email to IES Technical Support.

VisualAnalysisVisualAnalysis Training

Over 40 training sessions available for viewing at your convenience. Topics include modeling, loading, analysis, design, reporting, and general/advanced topics. Find these within the Help for VisualAnalysis.


ShapeBuilderShapeBuilder Training

Learn about shape creation, stress analysis and modifying the shapes and materials databases. Quick feature videos, 2-3 minutes each.

ShapeBuilder training


VF IconVisualFoundation Training

Learn how to design a complete project or how VisualFoundation integrates with VisualAnalysis. Quick feature videos, 2-3 minutes each.

VisualFoundation training

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