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Recorded Free Videos

Occassionally we offer web-based training for customers with in-depth topics that you can attend live and ask questions. Many videos are very short demonstrations of specific features in the product.

Here they are organized by product, but at, you can browse or search our entire set of channel videos and playlists.

Not all products have training videos. If you would like to suggest training topics, please send an email to IES Technical Support.

VisualAnalysisVisualAnalysis Training

Over 40 training sessions available for viewing at your convenience. Topics include modeling, loading, analysis, design, reporting, and general/advanced topics.

VisualAnalysis training


ShapeBuilderShapeBuilder Training

Learn about shape creation, stress analysis and modifying the shapes and materials databases. Quick feature videos, 2-3 minutes each.

ShapeBuilder training


VF IconVisualFoundation Training

Learn how to design a complete project or how VisualFoundation integrates with VisualAnalysis. Quick feature videos, 2-3 minutes each.

VisualFoundation training


VP IconVisualPlate Training

Learn the basics for slab design or metal plate analysis.

VisualPlate training.


VSW IconVisualShearWall Training

Learn the basics for working with shear wall systems.

VisualShearWall training.