Technical Support

Make Sure You are Up-to-Date

IES regularly updates products to correct and improve products. Each product displays its 'build' number, like 1.00.0002 in the title bar or 'About' box. 

The downloads page shows build numbers and 'Release Notes' listing changes.

Help, Tutorials & Videos

Your product's built-in Help (F1) answers engineering and product-specific questions. The help or product help menu may include links to tutorials or videos. You may browse all our video instruction at

Email Support

Please note that IES does not offer engineering consulting, model evalidation or result interpretation services.

Email technical questions to

When Emailing:

  • Tell us which product and version you are using
  • Ask a specific question (we rarely need background)
  • Attach a project file
  • Attach a PDF file or picture, if helpful
  • Attach a screen capture of an error message

Response time is usually less than 2 hours, but please allow 1 day.

Installation or Crashing:


Premium Telephone Support

(Please note: NOBODY does this! Only 30% of customers ever use technical support, only 5% regularly.)

IES offers premium telephone support services for $50/month, purchased for 1-year in advance ($600/year).  This fee covers support for a single person.  You will receive a support number to call for more immediate assistance.  Keep in mind that without project files and other specific information and data (sent via email) it is often very difficult to understand or diagnose complex issues or problems.

To enroll, please contact sales.

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