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IES Software Licensing

The big picture:

  • One-Time Purchase
  • You Choose the Type of License (single-user or network)
  • Optional Annual Maintenance (8-14% of new price)

More Details

The latest trend is SAS (Software as Service) and at IES we are in-transition from the old model (buy once) toward a service model (pay monthly). We sell products with an upfront fee and then you optionally pay annual maintenance for the upgrades, licensing services and bug-fixes.

IES, Inc. owns the software allowing engineering firms to use it through an implicit license agreement. By purchasing the software you are agreeing to the license policy. We are providing a software service that includes software updates (bug fixes) and technical/engineering support as well as business-services.

With any license type, your 'company' owns the license (not the software itself), which may be assigned to specific employees or machines. These licenses may be transferred to various machines as employees or hardware changes, as long as the license is active. You keep the license active by paying the annual service fee we call maintenance. If your license expires and you wish to renew it, you may upgrade to the latest version.

We have a very "no nonsense" licensing policy designed for easy setup and minimal effort on your part. IES does not employ hardware locks (dongles), but licenses do require a periodic connection to the Internet.

Types of Licenses

  • Single-User Licenses
  • Network Concurrent-User Licenses
  • Free-Trial Licenses
  • Educational/Student Licenses

Single-user licenses are much simpler and more flexible for a small group of people (e.g. fewer than 5). Network licenses are more affordable if you have many users, where only a few need access to the products at any given time.

Single-User Licenses

Save 30% buying single-user licenses of the same product for 2 or more peopleBy far the most popular license type is the single-user license, which is assigned (by you) to a specific employee. 

A single-user license may be used by one person on up to 2 different machines (e.g. work & laptop).

The software is 'activated' on each machine you use via the Internet. You must deactivate to move the license to a new or different machine. (If machines crash or are 'lost' we can deal with it.)

Save 30% on single-user licenses for two or more people in your company (at the same mailing address) when these are purchased at the same time. This discount is included in the shopping cart automatically.

Network Concurrent-User Licenses

For larger firms, we offer a "floating" license that allows many different people to use the product. You decide how many people need access at any one time and purchase that many license-seats.

Licenses are accessed through a LAN, WAN or VPN system and users must be connected to the server while using the IES tool. The system uses a "Network Share" folder to manage the licenses, and does not require running any special "server" software.

You must put the network license on a real (non-virtual) server that client machines can access directly through a UNC path (e.g. \\Server\Folder). Aliases do not work.

Free-Trial Licenses

If you download and run IES products without a license, they are automatically running as a free-trial license that is time-restricted. You must register it via the Internet. Free trials are fully functional during the trial period, and saved projects will open in the licensed version if you purchase. Once the trial period expires it cannot be reset, but you may purchase the product under our 30-day money-back policy.

Educational/Student Licenses

IES has an educational outreach program, with educational and student licenses available for VisualAnalysis only. 

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