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Video Training

Note: The following materials are from version 1.0, some things have changed (for the better) with version 3.0, when in doubt refer to the software and built-in Help file for clarification. New videos coming soon...

VisualShearWall Jumpstart Training

An introduction to VisualShearWall. Walk through a complete project from setting up your model and applying loads, to getting results.


VisualShearWall 1.0 Jumpstart Windows Media Player 18 Minutes


Rigid Diaphragms

Learn how to create and analyze a shear wall model with a rigid diaphragm. This quick start video will walk you through a complete project from modeling and applying loads to analyzing your shear wall system and reporting your results.


VisualShearWall 1.0 Quick Start: Rigid Diaphragm Windows Media Player 9 Minutes


Flexible Diaphragms

The flexible diaphragm features have changed considerably in version 2.0. You now enter specific wall forces on each wall, that you calculate yourself (e.g. tributary area distribution). See the Help file for details.



Sample Reports


VisualShearWall Sample ReportVisualShearWall Sample Report

View the full reportAdobe PDF