Major Benefits and Abilities

  • Model and analyze rigid and semi-rigid wall systems
  • Flexible diaphragm modeling: you apply forces to each wall
  • Wood, steel, masonry, and concrete
  • Any diaphragm configuration/shear wall orientation
  • Shear wall and diaphragm openings
  • Moment or braced frames
  • Single-story analysis of many walls
  • Generate "Next Floor Down" project file from reactions at this level

User Interface

  • Quick and easy 2D modeling (of a 3D system)
  • Draw in plan view or elevation
  • Easy placement of drag struts and collectors
  • Project Manager and tabbed views provide easy data entry
  • Hot-keys for zooming and panning views
  • Polar coordinate system for laying out circular plan view items
  • Easy commands in a 'ribbon' toolbar
  • More flexible drawing grid

Loads and Load Combinations

  • Model line loads, point loads, and wall loads
  • IBC/ASCE 7 Seismic Load Combinations
  • Customizable building code combinations
  • Customizable load combinations
  • Custom service cases
  • Independent wind & seismic load cases for two directions
  • Skewed direction load cases are now available
  • Copy & paste diaphragm loads


  • Multiple shear wall materials in one model
  • Automated FEA plate meshing
  • Summarized results for walls, drag struts, and collectors


  • Preview the report before printing
  • Customize what items are included in the report
  • Print one-page graphic summaries
  • Center of rigidity is reported
  • Filtering reports by load cases or combinations, or by walls
  • Total resultant is displayed at top/bottom for walls with openings


  • Import & export DXF files
  • Export model to VisualAnalysis for more advanced work
  • Export concrete wall results as loads for QuickConcreteWall shear wall design

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