What will VisualFoundation do for you?

Design Mat Foundations, Slabs on Grade

Automate much of the work involved in finite element modeling, building models with higher-level constructs like slabs, walls, colums, and piles. Basement wall footings, combined footings, footings with holes or multiple thicknesses, or mats stiffened with grade beams are all easy to define.

Design Pile Caps

VisualFoundation will take care of the modeling details while you specify the locations, sizes and structural configuration of your foundation, supports, loads.

Analyze Complex Geometry and Soils

The software will analyze with your loads to determine moments, shears, displacements and bearing pressures using FEA. Stability checks and punching shear calculations are done automatically.

Get Demands, Meet Code Requirements

VisualFoundation will then help you check to make sure the footing meets IBC/ACI requirements, and will tell you about the steel requirements for the slab. Concise reports let you move from analysis to design smoothly and efficiently.

Why use VisualFoundation?

You have choices in the marketplace, for mat footings--even among IES tools !  VisualFoundation shines in a number of areas:


Complex footings with walls and openings.

Graphical foundation results, such as bending or displacement.

Basement foundations

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