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Building Information Modeling is easier with the free VARevitLink utility. You can connect VisualAnalysis Advanced to Autodesk Revit Structure for two-way model exchange for structural analysis and design.  Export your geometry and other model information from Revit, perform structural analysis and design in VisualAnalysis, and then migrate your design changes (member sizes) back to the Revit model.


VARevitLink is an add-on for Autodesk Revit Structure (32-bit or 64-bit).  You install it on the same machine where you have Revit installed and it runs within Revit itself.

VARevitLink runs within Revit Structure

Export to VisualAnalysis

This feature allows you to create a project from your Revit model, or you can 'update' a project you previously created in this fashion.  Geometry, connectivity, member orientations, shapes, and materials, as well as walls and slabs in the Revit model are all transferred in to the VisualAnalysis model.

Import .VAP Project Changes

This feature lets you create or update items in the Revit model with those from a VisualAnalysis project.  You can incorporate your design changes (new shape sizes) in this manner.

Get VARevitLink

VARevitLink is free. Download it from the supplementary downloads page.

*See the the download link for current versions and requirements.