Connection design just got easier! VAConnect is a set of connection-design utilities that integrates within VisualAnalysis. Save the time and hassle of copying loads and shapes from one program to another.

The tools also run stand-alone for the situations where you just have a quick check to make or a question to answer.

With IES Transparent Reporting™ you get either summary reports or details that look and feel like you wrote them out by hand with sketches, equations, code references.

Key Features

Current Limitations


Base Plate Design w/Anchorage

Check your base plates against AISC Design Guide #1 as well as anchorage for ACI 318. Both of these, independently, are difficult by hand! With all of this in one tool you won't be flipping back and forth between disjoint pieces of software to get the job done.

Sample Reports:


VAConnect: Base Plate design made easy.

Beam Shear Tab

Following the AISC manual there are about 20 limit-states to check for a simple beam connection with a bolted shear tab! Beyond that, the AISC tables are very limited and you might spend a lot of time checking dozens of load combinations and interpreting between the tables. We also handle axial loads and the very latest design procedures.

VAConnect: Shear Tab - clear and quick

Using VAConnect


Base plate and Shear tab tools may be run independently. Once installed, you can also access the tools from within the Design View in VisualAnalysis, which automatically exports shapes and member loads. See the help file in VisualAnalysis for more details.

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