VisualAnalysis Training Videos

The VisualAnalysis training and feature videos are now located in the help.

Quick-Start Tutorials

2D Truss Model

Learn how to create a 2D truss model using member end-releases. Because all analysis is using a 3D model, we show you how to make a 2D model stable.

For a 2D Truss: fix all nodes in DZ, RX, RY, and RZ.

2D Academic Truss Model

In VisualAnalysis, members can bend, even with end-releases, just under self-weight. To model a pure academic truss, you need to remove the self-weight and avoid other member loads.

For a 2D Frame: fix all nodes in DZ, RX, and RY.

2D Frame Comparison

Learn how to model moment frames and braced frames in this tutorial that lets you compare different framing techniques in the same project.

3D Frame Modeling Basics

Learn how to work in 3 dimensions to create models. Tips for modeling are demonstrated along the way. We also create a wall using a plate element mesh.


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