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Jamie O'Kelley, PE, AIA
Bema A/E

"...a few examples of projects I’ve completed using VisualAnalysis."
PRM: Florence City Pet Shelter Jordan Kull

“We are very satisfied with the quality of service VisualAnalysis renders for the ticket price,” says Kull. “It offers a great bang for the buck."
Brackman Structure Steve Brackman, PE,
Beaudette Consulting Engineers

"VisualAnalysis was invaluable as a tool in designing the signage around the Arizona Cardinals stadium. With the DXF import tool, and the design features, the design process was smooth and efficient."
Blackwell Middle School Project Keith Blackwell, PE

"VisualAnalysis was used to redesign the structural steel...saving the School District $400,000 in construction costs and scheduling."
Gordon Goodell Project Gordon Goodell,
Harmony Design & Engineering

"VisualAnalysis made it easy to analyze the frame, and gave us confidence in what turned out to be an elegant solution."
Darryl Byle Project Darryl Byle,
DSB Engineering & Consulting

"VisualAnalysis let us model the tapered member framing, the tension-only cable bracing and run all the required load combinations with ease."
John Myers Project John Myers, PE,
Hockema & Whalen Associates

"Remarkably we were able, in one afternoon, to import the gantry geometry ...and produce meaningful results."
Nigel Sherratt Project Nigel Sherratt, MA, MICE,
Adrian Cox Associates

"We investigated the cracks individually, reviewed the soil conditions, and analysed the roof structure using VisualAnalysis."
Keith Blackwell Custom Home Structure Keith Blackwell, PE

"While the outline of the residence was very complex, the method of design was very simple using VisualAnalysis with Design."
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