Licensing Levels

VisualAnalysis is offered at 3 levels to match your needs and budget. Single-user licenses are discounted 30% when purchasing two or more at one time!

  1. VisualAnalysis (analysis only): $1740
  2. VisualAnalysis w/Design: $3130
    (adds code checks for steel, concrete, wood, cold-form, aluminum)
  3. VisualAnalysis Advanced: $4375
    (design level plus auto-meshed plates, nonlinear features, time history, VAConnect, and more...)

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IES Suites (Discount Packages)

Get the best value by purchasing VisualAnalysis as part of a suite.

Purchase the Total Suite: All IES products, including VisualAnalysis Advanced.

Purchase the Building Suite: VisualAnalysis Advanced, ShapeBuilder, VisualFoundation, VAConnect.

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