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VisualAnalysis Tutorials: Pasting Pictures into Reports

Project Description:

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to paste pictures into the Report View. You will insert a Shear/Moment diagram into a Report View underneath the data listing of the Member Internal Forces.

Version Note: This tutorial may have been created using a prior version of VisualAnalysis. Minor changes to the software may have occurred including new features and graphics updates. Changes in numerical analysis methods may also lead to slightly different values for results. The appearance of dialog boxes and the Project Manager may be altered slightly. ()

Modeling the Structure

In a Plane Frame, create a 10 ft long member and specify the supports as "Pinned". Change the member to a W12x58, A992 Grade 50 steel. Finally, apply a uniform load of "-2 K/ft" to the beam. Your model should look similar to the figure on the right:

Use the Analyze | Analyze Now command to analyze the structure. The deflected shape of the beam is now shown in the "Results View".

Getting Results

Right-Click on the member and select "Member Graph." This will Display the Member Graph results. Right-Click on the graphs and choose "Customization Dialog". In the Plot tab change the plot style for all the graphs to Area and delete the text for the "Main Title" and "Sub Title" in the General tab. Erasing the text will create a less cluttered report. Close the dialog by selecting "Ok". Next, choose Edit | Copy from the main menu to copy the Member graph to the clipboard. Now switch to the Results View. Right-click on the member and select "Report Selected Member". This will display the default member report. Scroll down and place your cursor below tabulated results by clicking directly below the table. Use the Edit | Paste command to paste the Member graph into the report. The Member Graph should now be inserted below the Member Internal Forces. Minimize the Report window, click on the Result View or Model View tab. Orient your model as desired and choose Edit | Copy to make a copy of the active window. You can now paste the model picture above Shear/Moment diagram. Your screen should look similar to the figure below:

Note: You may have to Re-size the size of the Member View window so that when the image is copied, it has the desired aspect ratio to align with the Member Graph. The inserted images can be re-sized by dragging the size adjustment boxes.

Many different objects could be pasted into the report. Along with images produced within VA itself, outside pictures such as Company Symbol or picture from a digital camera could also be inserted in a similar manner.