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VisualAnalysis Tutorials: Using Multiple Grids

Project Description

In this Tutorial we will display features of using multiple grids and Auto-Cut planes to draw the silo model shown on the right.

The Grids

To draw the body of the structure, we will first modify our default grid.

Now we will create a polar grid to match the top of our modified default grid.

The grid needs to be adjusted and moved to the top of our other grid.

Drawing the Model Skeleton

Using Auto-Cut Views to Finish the Model

Hold down the Shift key and click on one of the bottom ring members to select them all.

Now under the Cut Views Tab, click on the "Show All" box to make the entire model visible.

Go to Model | Generate Copies.

Choose "Using a rectangular pattern" and click Next.

Fill in the dialog box so that we will make 3 copies in the Y, spaced at 20 ft.

Click Finish.

The model is now complete.