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VisualAnalysis Tutorials:Generating into an Existing Model

Project Description:

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how the Create tab in Project Manager may be used to generate model components into an existing model. For this tutorial, a roof truss will be added to existing columns.

Modeling the Structure

Create a new Plane Frame project.

Your model should look similar to the figure below:

Assume that the columns that were just drawn were already in place and you wanted to add a roof truss. Use the Create tab to select the "Roof Truss" option under Trusses, and drag the item into the Model View. The next window will ask you where you would like the origin of the truss to be located. The left side of the window shows a diagram of the truss. You can see that the origin will be placed at the left side of the truss, where the bottom and top chords meet. Specify the origin of the truss at the node which is the upper node of the left most column, in this case "N2" (The top node of the left column may be named differently depending on how the columns were drawn or your preference settings). Click Next.

You will now be asked to enter the dimensions of the truss. Enter "24 ft" for the Truss Length, "5 ft" for the Truss height, and "2 ft" for the Eve Overhang. Click Next.

You will now be asked to specify the number of panels you want in the truss. Enter a value of "4" for the number of panels. Click Finish.

The Truss will now be inserted into the model and connected to the columns. Your model should look similar to the figure below:

As you can see, the Create tab in Project Manager can be used to insert trusses, frames, plates, floors, and continuous beams into a model which already contains members.

Hint: If you pre-select a single node in your model before dragging an item from the Create tab, your "origin" will be pre-selected in the Generate Standard dialog box.