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VisualAnalysis Tutorials: Using the Find Tool Window


The Find Tool window presents a list of objects in your model, such as nodes, members, and loads while you are viewing a Model View. The Find Tool can also display analysis results or design check results while viewing a Result View or Design View, respectively. The primary purpose of the Find Tool Window is to help you locate items that may be difficult to locate and select graphically.

"Tips" for Managing the Find Tool:

The find tool window may be toggled On/Off using the F7 key, or the View | Toggle Find Tool menu. You can keep the Find Tool hidden to maximize the graphical display of the model, or you can keep it visible if you really like its functionality.

Sometimes the Find Tool can get "confused" and display "Nothing Available to Find". Usually this happens when the window was closed initially. To fix this, simply make a change in your model (edit a node or member's properties) and it will "update". 

To Adjust the Size of the Find Tool:  With Auto-Hide turned off, position your cursor over the dividing line between the top of the Find Tool Window and the rest of VisualAnalysis, and drag the mouse when the cursor changes:

How to Reset The Find Tool: If your Find Tool has "vanished" or behaving in a very strange way, you can reset it (along with other toolbar locations) by exiting VisualAnalysis, and then holding the Shift key when you launch VisualAnalysis from an icon or menu.  Keep the Shift key held down until you see VisualAnalysis appear on the screen.  This will cause all toolbars, the Project Manager, and the Find tool included, to their default locations.

Using the Auto-Hide Feature

If the Find Tool displays like this, then it is Auto-Hiding (staying out of your way, but quickly accessible).

To display the window simply hover your mouse over the "Find Tool" tab.  As long as your mouse stays over the Find Tool it will stay open, otherwise it will auto-hide.  To prevent the tool from auto-hiding you need to track down the tiny little "Push Pin" icon, and press it.

Auto-Hide is On Auto-Hide is Off

Floating the Window

To Make the Find Tool "Float" in its own window:  Drag the "Find Tool" text (with your mouse) off of the VisualAnalysis window, or away from any of the borders of the VisualAnalysis window.  You can hold the Ctrl key to force it to not "dock" to an edge.

To Dock the Find Tool: Drag the Find Tool text near the bottom edge of the VisualAnalysis window and the ghosted outline shape will "snap" to show you the docked location.  Let up on the mouse to dock it.