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VisualAnalysis Tutorials: Dynamic Response Generator


This tutorial will illustrate some of the basic features of the Response Spectrum Generator Tool. The task will be to generate a response spectrum according to the IBC guidelines. The soil characteristics for the site are soft soil. The Spectral Acceleration Factors for the site according to the IBC are 0.4 for the short period and 0.14 for the 1-Second Period.

Starting the Tool

Start a new project. To start the tool, select the Load | Response Spectrum Generator menu item.

Creating a New Spectrum

Once the tool has started up choose the Create a new spectrum radio button, select the IBC version from the drop down box, and click Next.


Title the response spectrum "Example Response". Choose "Soft soil" from the Site Class drop down selection box. Enter the Short Period and 1-Second Period Spectral Acceleration factors as shown in the picture. For the Cutoff Period enter 3 sec. For the Curve Points choose 10. Once the parameters have been filled in, take a look at the Response Spectrum coefficients area at the bottom of the dialog. The coefficients are automatically calculated for you. Choose next to view the new spectrum. After you are done examining the new spectrum choose Finish to complete the generation. The response spectrum is now saved in your Spectrum.dat file and is available for your use in future projects.

Using the Tool to View Previously Created Spectrums

If you create a response spectrum and forget what parameters were entered while creating the spectrum, you can use the Response Spectrum tool to view the completed spectrum. Let's take a look at the spectrum "Response Spectrum" created above. Start the Response Spectrum Generator Tool. Make sure the View a previously created spectrum radio button is chosen and Choose Example Response from the drop down list. Now choose next and the plot of the response spectrum is brought up.