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VisualAnalysis Tutorials: Copying and Scaling Loads

Project Description:

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how loads can be copied from one member and pasted to another member and load case.

Modeling the Structure

In a Plane Frame, create two 10 ft long members, one above the other, and specify the supports as "Pinned". Apply a uniform load of "-2 K/ft" in the Dead Load Service case to the upper member. Your model should look similar to the figure below:

Basic Load Copying

Select the uniform load, Right-Click and choose Copy. Select the lower member, Right-Click and choose Paste.

Copying Loads to Different Load Cases

Now, change the active Load Case to Live Load. Choose "L' from the Load Case drop-down menu above the model space. Select the lower member, Right-Click and choose Paste. We now have the original uniform dead load applied to the lower beam as both a Dead Load and a Live Load. Now let's modify this load some more.

Scaling Load

Increase the magnitude of the uniform Live Load that we just pasted onto the lower beam to -3.3 K/ft. One way to do this is to scale a load. Select the uniform load, Right-Click and choose Scale Load. The following dialog will appear. Multiply the load by 1.5 and add -0.3 K/ft. Click OK when done.

General Load Modification

You can easily change many of the properties associated with a load by selecting a load and going to the Modify tab of the Project Manager to change its properties. We could have changed the load from 2.0 k/ft to 3.3 K/ft simply by entering 3.3 K/ft into "Magnitude' in the Modify tab. To further demonstrate the power of using the Modify tab, let's change our load type all together.

While still in Model View, select the uniform live load. Go to the Modify tab and change the Type to "Linear." Uncheck the box that stays "On Full Span," and change the End Offset to 10 ft. With the Modify tab, we can essentially change any load property that we want.