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VisualAnalysis Advanced Tutorials: Cable Nets

Project Description:

The Purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the use of cables in constructing a Cable Net structure.

Modeling the Structure

Create a new Space Frame project. Draw 4 lines of cables each 25 ft long spanning in the x and z directions. Your model should look similar to the figure below:

The cables can be drawn in a few different ways. The best way may be to draw one cable spanning the 25 ft, enter a Catenary length of 25 ft, and then use the Model | Split Cable command to split each cable into 5 parts. Specify each outside support as fixed and each cable as "Circular Shape", ASTM A992 Grade 50 Steel with a diameter of 6 inches. The model is now ready to be loaded.

Loading the Structure

For each of the nodes with 4 cables connecting to it, apply a load of "-100 lb" in the Y-Direction. Your model should look similar to the figure below:

Analyzing the Structure

Use the Analyze | Analyze Now command or click on the Result tab to analyze the structure. After the analysis is complete, results will be shown. Under the filter tab turn off the reaction forces

The use of the Cable Net may not be common, but it can be modeled in VisualAnalysis.