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The engineers at IES have created a software tool in VisualAnalysis that is designed to help you succeed! Unfortunately with over 200,000 lines of code, written by dozens of programmers over more than 20 years and built on huge libraries and systems and run on extremely complex hardware platforms, there will be defects or communication problems!

Sometimes the software lets us down, sometimes it is the documentation or our own understanding of the system, occasionally the computer or operating system causes problems. Whatever the issue, you can rest assured that things will not always go as planned. We have assembled here information to help you diagnose and repair problems or tips on how to communicate with IES about support issues.

Take a Step Back

If you are having a hard time getting VisualAnalysis to work the way you want it to, perhaps you really have not understood the program's organization and terminology? We have been using the program for many, many years and it probably does what you need it to do!  You might re-start with basic documentation:

Send Your Ideas

We encourage you to send us ideas and constructive criticism. This is the most gentle and productive way to remind us that VisualAnalysis is not perfect. As you use the software you will find yourself saying, "I wish VisualAnalysis could…", maybe often. Please tell us immediately, or write it down so you do not forget to tell us later!  Your feedback is vital to our success, and therefore ultimately yours as you use the software.