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VisualAnalysis 12.0 Help

Extending VisualAnalysis

For more information about the following IES products that you can use to extend VisualAnalysis, please visit our web site at: VisualAnalysis itself is available in different product levels, you gain additional features by upgrading to a higher level.


IES QuickFooting (sold separately) can design reinforced concrete pad footings under columns. This is a stand-alone tool, but you can export analysis results for supported nodes directly to QuickFooting for design work. Steps for integrating VisualFoundation with VisualAnalysis are outlined in the QuickFooting Design help section.


IES VisualFoundation (sold separately) can help you analyze and design complex, irregularly shapes mat foundations or footings on piles. This tool utilizes the power of the VisualAnalysis 'engine' for finite element analysis, but streamlines and automates the modeling and reporting because the problem domain is reduced.  Steps for integrating VisualFoundation with VisualAnalysis are outlined in the VisualFoundation Design help section.


IES ShapeBuilder (sold separately) provides geometric and structural section properties for just about any shape an architect could dream up. You can build a section from manufactured shapes, parametric shapes, or simply sketch them graphically. ShapeBuilder also performs stress-analysis, stress-strain analysis of R/C shapes, R/C interaction-diagrams and more.

Use ShapeBuilder to directly add custom shapes to the database for use in VisualAnalysis. ShapeBuilder is the tool for customizing your shape database or material database, while some customization is possible directly in VisualAnalysis--other features are available in ShapeBuilder--such as importing cold-formed steel libraries created by CFS.


VAConnect is a set of connection-design utilities. It is currently in a customer-preview mode and offers two features: steel base plate design and shear-tab design. These utilities are partially integrated within VisualAnalysis through the Design View and 'connection groups'. The tools also run stand-alone and are located in the Windows menu under Start | All Programs | IES | VAConnect. VAConnect is currently free for VisualAnalysis Advanced level customers to use from within VisualAnalysis and will be available for purchase for other customers or to use as stand-alone tools.

Foreign Shape Databases

There are some IES databases of common steel shapes available for install from the Supplemental downloads page on our web site. British, European, and Australian shapes are included.

Revit Structure

IES offers VARevitLink that reads or writes VisualAnalysis project files from within Autodesk's Revit Structure for a BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach to structural engineering. This tool requires the advanced level of VisualAnalysis. The tool is installed with VisualAnalysis, see Creating Models for more details about using this tool.

CFS by RSG Software

Cold-Formed steel design checks are performed by a component licensed from RSG Software (, their CFS product may be used to create custom cold-formed shape libraries that can be incorporated into IES databases through ShapeBuilder. See Cold-Formed Design for more information about this.

Spreadsheets, Word Processors, Etc.

VisualAnalysis is a Windows application that can interact with other applications through the Windows clipboard. Edit | Copy and Edit | Paste can be used to get text or pictures in and out of the program. For example, you can paste text or pictures into any VisualAnalysis report before you print it. You can capture any graphic window in VisualAnalysis using Edit | Copy and then paste it into a report you are creating in MS Word. You can use the clipboard exchange tool in VisualAnalysis to paste nodal coordinates (and more) into a spreadsheet for manipulation before copying the information back to VisualAnalysis.