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VisualAnalysis 12.0 Help

Member Graphs

Member graphs provide detailed axial, moment, shear, deflection, or stress plots in a graphical way for one or more members elements. You may copy and paste any graphics window into a VisualAnalysis report for printing or saving that report.

Create a Member Graph

Member Graphs display detailed diagrams of internal forces, stresses and deflections for members. They show the results for one member (or chain of members) and one load case at a time. Create Member Graphs using Window | Graph Member item after selecting one or more members in a Result View.

Create a Multi-Member Graph

You may create a single graph for a chain of member elements. Select two or more connected members that form a line, and have commonly aligned local axes. An example is a girder with beams framing into it. The girder is typically split into separate elements where the beams frame in. After selecting the members in the Result View use the Context Menu to choose Graph Member.

Customize a Member Graph

Use the Filter tab to change which plots are included, or which member is reported. You may also change other options such as whether data points or annotations are displayed and line and font options. The display options will persist as long as VisualAnalysis is running, if you restart they are set to default values again.

Print a Member Graph

Use File | Print Preview. You may wish to set a landcape mode first using File | Page Setup.

Export a Member Graph

To export a Member Graph from VisualAnalysis for presentation in another program, choose Edit | Copy to paste a copy of the active Member Graph to the clipboard. Use Edit | Paste or Edit | Paste Special to insert the picture into almost any other application.