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Welcome to VisualAnalysis 12.0

IES VisualAnalysis is a general-purpose frame and finite element analysis tool with design capabilities. This tool is rich with features from over 20 years of IES development and 'customer tuning'. Using it should be easy for structural engineers, but mastering it may require some reading!

Version 12.0 was officially retired in April 2017.

The VisualAnalysis 17.0 upgrade is now available. If you have an active license, you may start using the new version. The new version is significantly more accurate and correct from an engineering standpoint, as well as being much easier to use. See what's new!
The educational version is here.

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Upgrading from a Previous Version?

Please read the Version 12.0 Changes or the full Release History to understand recent changes.

Help Notation

We are Committed to Your Success

VisualAnalysis is supposed to be friendly, robust, easy, practical, helpful, powerful, and ultimately useful for structural engineering.  If you find it difficult or confusing, or if you have crashing or performance issues we really want to hear about it.  Please use the Technical Support resources!