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You may import or open STAAD (.std) script files as an entirely new project, also known as command language files. To open a STAAD file you may use File | Open, or for better diagnostic information, create a new empty project and then use File | Import STAAD/SDNF.

The SDNF (Steel Detailing Neutral File, .dat) version 3.0 may also be read or written with Steel projects.

The purpose of this feature is to allow easy data transfer of basic model and load information among different structural analysis products. STAAD has been around a long time and many programs offer STAAD import/export abilities. This command is not designed to read every .std file or support every feature of this command language. You may need to modify your .std file in order for VisualAnalysis to read it successfully.

Many STAAD commands are not supported either for import or export. While many of these commands are 'accessories' to the core model and load data, some may impede your ability to import the data you need. You will very-likely need to edit a STAAD file to remove commands before VisualAnalysis will import the file successfully! The purpose of this tool is to ALLOW importing STAAD data, not necessarily to make it automatic.

Supported STAAD Features