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VisualAnalysis 12.0 Help

Version 12.0 Upgrade Guide


This upgrade is an incremental step forward to improve your productivity and eliminate minor trouble-spots prior to a major rewrite of VisualAnalysis that is expected in the next upgrade cycle.


Single-user licenses already installed and activated and not expired, for version 11.0 should "just work". With a network license you will need to "tell" VisualAnalysis 12.0 where your license is located, entering the path to the Network Share folder.

If you have an expired VisualAnalysis license, you cannot use version 12.0, not even as a free-trial on a machine with a VisualAnalysis license. Please do not deactivate an expired license, as it will not re-activate once it has expired! To purchase the new version, please contact IES Sales.

New Features

New 64-Bit Version

Good for larger memory-intensive projects: Time History, AISC-Direct, or hundreds of Load Combinations might exceed the 2GB (theoretical) memory limit of the 32-bit version. The 64-bit version does have some limitations, so you may not want to use it for everyday projects.

Fixes or Changes (since version 11.0)

Removed "Features"