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Named Views


VisualAnalysis provides three major views and many filter settings. Named Views allow you to save the many adjustments you have made to a window for future recall. They are extremely helpful when dealing with large 3D structures because you can essentially save a 'package' of window type, filter settings, and Cut Planes. There are two types of Named Views; project specific and global. A global Named View only saves filter settings but can be reused on future projects. Project specific views save filter settings, zoom factors, rotation angles, and Cut Planes.

Save a Custom Named View

Set up a graphic view that you would like to save and choose View | Name Current View. You will be prompted for a name and to choose whether the view is to be global or project specific. Click the OK button and note that the name you just entered for the view appears in the Quick Views drop-down box on the Command Bar. To retrieve your saved view, pick it from the list of Quick Views.

Update a Named View

Use View | Update Current View after you make additional changes to an existing Named View. This will overwrite the existing name with the current settings.

Delete a Named View

To delete a Named View use View | Delete Named Views. A list of all global and project specific views comes up allowing you to choose which view(s) to remove.

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