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Design Topics

 Requires: Design Level


VisualAnalysis with Design, and VisualAnalysis Advanced with Design offer sophisticated code-checking and member sizing capabilities broadly classified as 'design'. The design software implements various material specifications for checking steel, wood, concrete, and cold-formed members. A custom checking module also allows some primitive stress and deflection checks for other materials or custom shapes to help with preliminary design functions.

For the most part design is an "after analysis" process that requires good and reasonable analysis results, this means you need to start with reasonable size members and insure that displacements and stresses are small before you begin any design checks.

VisualAnalysis is also integrated with other IES products which support a variety of specialized design features as described below.

Design Essentials

Design Report: Double-click on a member in a Design View to see exactly what checks controlled the design! "Design Group Results" report items include specification references, controlling load case, demand and capacity values, as well as critical intermediate results or parameters used like unbraced length, K factors, load duration factors, rebar details, and more.

Design Types

Foundation Design

New in version 10.0Connection Design

Requires: Advanced Level

VisualAnalysis offers integrated connection design via IES VAConnect, a separate suite of tools. Currently the tool provides LRFD steel design of Base Plates and Shear Tab connections.

A Connection Forces table is also available report connection design forces for the members in any design group.

Other Design Support