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Building Code Support

VisualAnalysis incorporates optional and 'loose' support for IBC and related building codes. This does not preclude the use of VisualAnalysis for other building codes (e.g. IBC 2009 or IBC 2012) or foreign codes. Most of what VisualAnalysis does (ie, FEA) is outside the specific provisions of building codes. IBC itself consists of many referenced specifications as well as its own provisions. VisualAnalysis performs numerous functions according to the referenced specificiations listed below.

Load Combinations

The building-code load combination system is optional and customizable to a large extent. You may use it or use your own custom combinations. From this perspective VisualAnalysis will support just about any code. There are a number of settings in the Project's Project Settings that will affect load combinations and some design checks that are IBC-specific, but they are only used for the load combinations.

Material Design

VisualAnalysis has built-in support for AISC steel design, ACI concrete design, NDS wood design, ADM aluminum design and NAS/AISI cold-formed steel design. The specifications supported are listed in those sections.

Deflection Checks

IBC defines deflection-check categories for load combinations that VisualAnalysis will use, but you specify actual deflection-limits for any category of load combination so this provides a very flexible way to check deflections that should allow virtually any building code to be employed.