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Analysis is the step where you determine the behavior of your structural model under the applied loads by obtaining results: displacements, reactions, and internal forces.  VisualAnalysis offers sophisticated finite-element analysis features, presented in an easy-to-use fashion.  The software tries to help you as you construct the model and perform analysis, but you still should know something of finite element theory and practice before you can really appreciate and use this tool effectively.

These topics introduce analysis concepts that you will need to understand:

Advanced Analysis

Related Topics

VisualAnalysis is a tool devoted to structural analysis and almost every topic is related to this 'Analyze' topic in some fashion!  The Model chapter describes not only how to create models, but also details about each element type and the results available.  The Report chapter describes how the analysis results can be displayed in text, along with notation.  The Design chapter describes how analysis results can be checked against various material specifications or codes.  Finally, the Succeed chapter provides tips for insuring a smooth analysis or what to do when things go wrong.


Finite element analysis is a sophisticated science that also requires practical knowledge.  There are many textbooks that provide mathematical reference for FEA technology, but few of these help much with the general practice in the field of civil/structural analysis. For that we recommend your colleagues along with trial-and-error!  To get a feel for how the system works, try solving problems for which you already know the solution so that you can better understand the limitations and assumptions built into the software.

General Reference

Finite Element Method: A Practical Course
By S. S. Quek, G. R. Liu
2003, Butterworth-Heinemann ISBN: 978-0750658669

Finite Element Modeling for Stress Analysis
By Robert D. Cook
1995, John Wiley & Sons ISBN: 978-0471107743

Dynamic Analysis

Structural Dynamics Theory and Computation
Paz, M.,
Van Nostrand Reinhold, 3rd Edition, 1991, ISBN: 978-1461579205