Supported Codes

  • ACI 318-11
  • IBC 2012
  • ASCE 7-10 (Load Combinations)
  • Canadian CSA A23.3-04

Basic Capabilities

  • Design or check single-column spread footings made of reinforced concrete
  • Column may be eccentric on footing
  • Calculation of bearing pressure under biaxial loading
  • Optional rectangular pedestal, offset from center
  • Checks several footings all at once (design for worst case) with multiple 'load sets'
  • Multiple footings in a single project file

Stability Checks

  • Checks bearing pressure, overturning, sliding, and uplift
  • Maximum allowable bearing pressure can be gross or net
  • Specify a passive resistance from the adjacent soil for sliding
  • Specify the coefficient of friction between the footing and soil
  • Specify an additional downward force to resist uplift

Strength Checks

  • Footing
    • Flexure
    • One-way shear
    • Punching shear
    • Minimum steel
    • Minimum strain
  • Footing-Pedestal Interface
    • Bearing on footing
    • Bearing on pedestal
    • Dowel development into footing
    • Dowel development into pedestal
    • Dowel tensile capacity
    • Minimum steel across joint
  • Pedestal
    • Shear
    • Axial
    • Axial-bending interaction
    • Biaxial bending


  • Load sets from more than one column (design for worst case)
  • Axial force, moments in both directions, shears in both directions, and overburden
  • Allows pre-factored loads, such as from a metal-building design report
  • Load combinations from IBC, CBC, or custom
  • Uplift loads
  • Import and export loads (text)
  • Import reactions from a VisualAnalysis model


  • Excellent 'transparent' report shows all checks and code references
  • Full-color reporting for a professional look and easy reading
  • Detailed design sketch
  • Echo of input data
  • Extremely customizable, from a summary to full-calculation details


  • Only rectangular footings are supported
  • Only a single column (no combined or wall footings)
  • No support for plain (unreinforced) footings
  • No top-steel checks
  • Only rectangular pedestals (optional)
  • Only rectangular rebar patterns
  • No calculation of rotational stiffness or deflections

See VisualFoundation for non-rectangular or combined footings.

Quick Summary of checks with hyperlinks to actual calculations!

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