Concrete Shear Wall Design

QuickConcreteWall specializes in reinforced concrete shear walls and is an excellent tool for detailing a concrete wall subject to in-plane forces.  Complex ACI interaction checks are done instantaneously as you tweak design parameters and view the results. Complete rebar detailing is provided in a productivity-quick format.

Full reports - No "black box"

The reporting of this tool is not hidden in a "black box" leaving you in the dark.  Complete checking with full equations, intermediate data, and sketches are at your finger tips.  A concise summary of all checks is also available with the checks hyperlinked to the actual equations.

Key benefits

Saves you a ton of time. Sketches update instantly with each input change. The "Check Summary" indicates at a glance which checks passed & which failed, and each is hyperlinked to hand-style calculations used for the particular check.  The software has an intuitive, easy-to-follow presentation: Distinct views for entering inputs and for viewing detailed results, with items further organized using a tabbed display.

Detailed reports with sketches, equations, intermediate results and pass/fail.

Comparison to Other IES Tools

IES has shear wall capabilities in other products, primarily for analysis, not design. QuickConcreteWall does design checks without analysis, so it doesn't handle openings in walls, or entire shear-wall systems. What it does is design and detail a reinforced concrete wall and it does that really well, really fast. You get a great interaction diagram and you get detailed special boundary-regions, and seismic detailing: something none of our other products can do.

  • QuickConcreteWall: single wall, detailed rebar.
  • VisualAnalysis: General FEA analysis of just about anything
  • VisualShearWall: Fast analysis of shear-wall systems (rigid or flexible diaphragms)

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