• A rectangular wall, or wall with columns at the ends
  • Reinforcement: specify horizontal & vertical bars, column longitudinal bars (if columns), and ties
  • Single-curtain or double-curtain reinforcement
  • Multiple (independent) walls may be designed in a single project file
  • Specify extents of special boundary elements (seismic provisions)
  • Specify manner in which horizontal wall bars are embedded into columns (or boundary elements): straight, hooked, or not at all
  • Option to have crossties on every column longitudinal bar, or only as required by code
  • Specify whether or not column longitudinal bars use a tangential lap splice
  • Enter the design displacement for seismic design (when seismic provisions are to be used)
  • European rebar sizes


  • Supported loads: shear, in-plane moment, axial loading
  • No limit on the number of load sets that can be entered
  • Load combinations & factoring performed automatically
  • ASCE 7 Load Combinations
  • Automatic vertical seismic component in load ASCE 7 combinations
  • Custom "building code" load combinations
  • Import & export loads (text)
  • Optionally include the self-weight of the wall
  • Specify shear loads at the top of the wall or at the base

Design Checks Performed

  • Checks concrete walls for in-plane forces
  • IBC 2015 and ACI 318-14 specifications
  • ACI Ch. 21, (seismic) including special boundary elements
  • Detailing when special boundary elements are not present (
  • Wall minimum reinforcement (horizontal & vertical) of ACI Ch 14
  • Wall reinforcement max spacing (horizontal & vertical) of ACI Ch 14
  • Wall shear strength according to ACI Ch 11
  • Wall & column detailing requirements of ACI Ch 7
  • Wall flexure/axial interaction strength per ACI Ch 10
  • Wall shear strength according to ACI Ch 21
    (when seismic provisions are to be used)
  • Wall steel ratio/spacing according to ACI Ch 21
    (when seismic provisions are to be used)
  • Special boundary element detailing & related checks of ACI Ch 21


  • Demand/Capacity ratios with clear pass/fail indicators
  • All check equations shown graphically for easy verification
  • Context-specific drawings related to each group of calculations
  • Interaction diagram plotted for each load case
  • Easy identification of the load combination that controlled
  • Calculates development and splice lengths for wall & column bars


  • Full-color reporting for a professional look and easy reading
  • Detailed design sketch
  • Echo of input data
  • Extremely customizable, from a summary to full-calculation details

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