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Find the just the right product or suite for your needs and budget.

IES Building Suite*

Our most popular products for analysis and design. All products are available separately. The Building Suite offers a discount when purchasing all four products at once.

VisualAnalysis icon VisualAnalysis

General purpose analysis and design of just about anything. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Available in 3 levels to meet your needs. This one product may be all you ne
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VisualFoundation icon VisualFoundation

Simplified analysis and design of complex mat foundations and combined footings and pile caps.
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ShapeBuilder icon ShapeBuilder

Section properties calculator, stress analysis, database customization. ShapeBuilder is popular for aluminum extrusions, flitch beams, and cracked analysis of reinforced concrete.
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VAConnect icon VAConnect

Steel connection design: base plate and beam-to-column shear-tab. Available to run stand-alone or within VisualAnalysis.
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IES Quick Suite*

Four concrete and masonry design tools. All products are available separately. The Quick Suite offers a discount when purchasing all four products at once.

QuickRWall icon QuickRWall

Fast retaining wall design checks and detailing with excellent reporting.
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QuickMasonry icon QuickMasonry

Masonry: bearing walls, shear walls, beams, columns, pilasters, lintels.
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QuickFooting icon QuickFooting

Concrete spread footing design: single column pad; imports from VisualAnalysis.
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QuickConcreteWall icon QuickConcreteWall

Design and detail a reinforced concrete shear wall.
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IES Total Suite*

Get all of the IES products at the best discount, including VisualPlate and VisualShearWall:

VisualAnalysis icon VisualFoundation icon ShapeBuilder icon VAConnect icon QuickRWall icon QuickMasonry icon QuickFooting icon QuickConcreteWall icon

VisualShearWall icon VisualShearWall

Simplified analysis of shear wall systems: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible diaphragms. Single-wall analysis for flexible diaphragm systems.
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VisualPlate icon VisualPlate

Simplified bending analysis and design for metal plates or concrete slabs.
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*Suites: Discounted Product Bundles

All IES products may be purchased and used independently. You save 20% initially by purchasing a suite. The suite discount does not apply if you purchase individual products and later decide to add more.


Free Tools

VA-Revit Link icon

VA-Revit Link

Free BIM tool: add-in for AutoDesk Revit Structure. This tool can read and update VisualAnalysis project files. See Downloads


Mobile Apps

Mobile Shapes icon

Mobile Shapes 1.0

Quick Shape properties and beam or column stress calculations using the full IES shape database. Works without an Internet connection for quick field calculations. See Downloads


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